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February 02, 2003

Joining the conversation

I've been reading blogs for quite a while and have decided to try making time to maintain one. The thing that has drawn me in is the evolution of blogs from a personal diary format into a fascinating form of conversation with comments and two-way links through the wonders of TrackBack.

My blog design has been influenced by a number of existing blogs, including (including the little icons), megnut, and I tried making a single design that would work on both desktop computers and handhelds like the Sidekick, but it doesn't appear to be possible with a three-column layout. If browsers would just support the CSS media type for handhelds, this would be easy.

For more information about me, you might check out my software story. I won't be able to post super-often as I'm spending a lot of time on product development -- I hope I'll be able to keep this blog going and I look forward to joining the conversation!

02 Feb 03 10:14 AM


Daniel Dura says:

Nice looking blog. I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on the evolution of the web. It sure does seem like it has evolved so much and that there is still so mch potential. It will also be good to hear from someone as involved as you are with product development at Macromedia. You guys sure have a lot of influence, and it will be nice to hear what your vision is for what the web can become.

Posted by: Daniel Dura on 03 Feb 03 05:20 PM

Phillip Kerman says:

Welcome to the blog world--not that I write one or anything. Hey, there's a lot of stuff up here already. If you can keep up the pace, great. If not, realize people are still interested in your thoughts even if they're brief.

Good luck, I'll be checking back.


Posted by: Phillip Kerman on 03 Feb 03 07:24 PM

Brandy says:

I have to say though, I wish MT had the friends feature that has. I am sure there is a way to use the syndication feature to parse all the first entries of a list of journals into one page, but I don't see anyone doing it.

Posted by: Brandy on 03 Feb 03 08:49 PM

Geoff Bowers says:

Consider yourself Goog'd! I've added you to the blend of Macromedia goodness at

Posted by: Geoff Bowers on 03 Feb 03 09:05 PM

Greg Burch says:

Welcome to the blog community.

Posted by: Greg Burch on 03 Feb 03 09:45 PM

michael e. gunn says:

Welcome! I'm sure you'll find yourself right at home :)

Posted by: michael e. gunn on 03 Feb 03 11:55 PM

Jensa says:

Welcome! Macromedia really pioneers blogging! I'd love to see this openness from any competitor of MM. Then again, they won't get the quality of feedback you guys get. A direct path to the end users... :-)

Posted by: Jensa on 04 Feb 03 02:54 PM

Josh Dura says:

Welcome to the blog community Kevin! Hope to see a lot of great info here! Looks promising already.

Posted by: Josh Dura on 04 Feb 03 05:22 PM

Chafic Kazoun says:

Good to see you bloggin. Now during your keynotes we can leave comments here for your feedback :)

Macromedia has really made the web a great place to be. Not only is it a company that constantly innovates but it's company culture is open to the development community and this has made it even more of a pleasure.

Posted by: Chafic Kazoun on 06 Feb 03 06:09 AM

CHris says:

Glad to see you are blogging, and I like the photos down the side. I'm also glad to hear that more Macromedian's will be blogging int he future as it really has been helpful with Mesh and JD's blogs for me. It's a great part of MM's community now.

Posted by: CHris on 06 Feb 03 01:46 PM

Samuel wan says:

Nice layout! I'm looking forward to reading this blog, especially more posts related to the conception and implementation of new ideas for rich application and HCI design.


Posted by: Samuel wan on 06 Feb 03 08:55 PM

Tim says:

I'm delighted to see you joining the blogging community, and looking forward to reading your thoughts on directions the net is and should be heading. Welcome to the conversation.

Posted by: Tim on 09 Feb 03 09:51 PM

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