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February 16, 2003

Carmel and Big Sur

otter This weekend I'm in the Carmel and Point Lobos area—white sand beaches, otters, driftwood, ocean, and no wireless access.

Also in this area is the Henry Miller Library, which is in a small house off of Highway 1, just down the road from one of my favorite places here, Nepenthe.

16 Feb 03 11:35 PM


will johnston says:

great diving at point lobos and don't forget about the inn at ventana, and the restaurant at post ranch inn is the best dining experience i've ever had.

Posted by: will johnston on 17 Feb 03 04:15 PM

Stephen says:

Hey, I'm looking for help in spreading the site around. Two running friends of mine are heading out to run across the country. More information about what's going on there is in this post on my site:

If you know of anyone in or around the towns along their trans-continental route, please, I ask that you get in contact with them. If nothing else, please help me get news of this site spread as far and wide as possible, by posting about it or sending it to your friends. Thanks.

Posted by: Stephen on 18 Feb 03 05:36 PM

Kevin Lynch says:

Yes, Ventana and Post Ranch Inn are great as well -- Post Ranch usually has a good photography exhibit in their main lodge featuring a local artist

Posted by: Kevin Lynch on 19 Feb 03 08:12 AM

Ricky Silk says:

Wow, reading this post just brought back great memories. Last april my wife and I flew to LA (from tallahassee,fl) and drove up the coast to SF. We ate at Nepenthe (yummy) and stayed in Big Sur to do some incredible hiking. By the way, a little farther south, Ragged Point Inn is very nice as well.

Man, now I've got some serious spring fever.

Posted by: Ricky Silk on 20 Feb 03 07:55 AM

Eric says:

If you ever get a chance, Edward Weston took some really good photographs at Point Lobos. They were at SFMOMA recently, and many can be found online.

He took the photos during WWII, and says he would never have thought to go to Pt. Lobos, except that war shortages prevented him from traveling elsewhere.

Posted by: Eric on 25 Feb 03 07:34 PM

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