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March 11, 2003

Flash Travel

united departure display

I noticed Flash in a couple of places on my recent trip -- it was used to drive the departure displays at the United areas of the San Francisco airport, and later I randomly passed a cab with Flash running on a roof display in New York!

The airport displays show things like the weather at the destination, as well as boarding countdown and rotating list of people on the upgrade waiting list, which is updated every minute.

I actually didn't even know someone had put the Flash Player on taxicabs. Google found the story though -- a company called Clear Channel licenses taxi roof displays that can show dynamic Flash content. It's driven by a PC in the trunk, and can actually show live information received through a pager network. I took this snapshot when I noticed the cab. Pretty cool.

taxi rooftop display

11 Mar 03 03:47 PM


Erik J. Barzeski says:

"...a company called Clear Channel"? Many feel this "Clear Channel" which owns like 118% of the radio stations in this country is ruining radio and other forms of "communication." I haven't read much about it - got my CDs just fine - but not many people are in favor of CC from what I've seen...

Posted by: Erik J. Barzeski on 11 Mar 03 04:27 PM

Kevin Lynch says:

I had never heard about the company -- just found the story on them. You're right, it looks like there are a lot of people unhappy with the radio and concert division. There's a story at Salon:

Posted by: Kevin Lynch on 11 Mar 03 04:38 PM

Dayment says:

That's very interesting that Clear Channel is using this breakthrough multimedia advertising - and it makes perfect sense. They also have a stronghold on billboards across the USA as well. Will we someday see.... *Flash Billboards* all along the freeway?
...Can you just imagine?!?

Posted by: Dayment on 12 Mar 03 10:05 AM

Digitalboy(china) says:

we should bring flash anywhere. a few days ago, Bill Gates make contract with China Unicom, the company have the 2nd largest GSM net and 1st largest CDMA net.

In China, many cellphone factory want to use new tech to increase market percentage, for example, TCL will use winCE in their product.

Chinese cell net is the biggest in the global.

Posted by: Digitalboy(china) on 12 Mar 03 08:05 PM

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