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March 26, 2003

Internet Applications, Unplugged

A project I've been working on at Macromedia is starting to become known now, it is called Macromedia Central and is a way to deliver Internet applications that can be used both online and offline -- some stories are already being published. I'm very happy to be able to talk about it more tomorrow, and will be presenting in the morning at Flashforward. It won't be shipping until this summer, and we'll be talking about it sooner than usual since we want to include the developer community early.

26 Mar 03 10:41 PM


Anil says:

These pieces look terrific. Can't wait to dig in and see how you've integrated all this stuff. Small pieces of Flash, loosely joined.

Posted by: Anil on 27 Mar 03 02:06 AM

Todd Hopkinson says:

Looking forward to getting some details and having the vague clarified.

Posted by: Todd Hopkinson on 27 Mar 03 02:59 AM

Digitalboy(china) says:

It seems cool. I like it.

Posted by: Digitalboy(china) on 27 Mar 03 04:15 AM

Marc Canter says:

yes and they only want 20% of the money. Oh - that's right - Director couldn't do this....

Posted by: Marc Canter on 27 Mar 03 08:41 AM

Brent O. says:

I'm dying to see if there's a kiosk-mode style of running Central. One of the difficulties I've always had with internet-based apps is that we want to put them at a kiosk in a remote location that doesn't have full-time internet, and let them connect periodically to send/receive collected data and updates. In theory, Central sounds like the right answer, but if the client is as thick and configurable as it looks, then I can't just let the public bang away on a computer running Central. It'd be great to have a "kiosk" mode that dominates the user interface, doesn't allow configuration changes (like adding/removing apps), and so on.

Posted by: Brent O. on 27 Mar 03 09:59 AM

Tony MacDonell says:


You must find a way to safely allow applications to access files on the user's computer. In Central it seems we will have no way to upload files to a server for example, and this is a problem. Central has major potential, but If I cannot utilize local images or text files, then it isn't really that great.

For example, a nice little CMS app would be cool, but If I can't upload jpg's then what do I do?

In the browser you can hack it with an html pop-up. But that does not seem possible in Central.

Any insight on how this will be dealt with?

Posted by: Tony MacDonell on 27 Mar 03 10:43 AM

John Kranz says:

Looking forward to further details on Macromedia Central as they become available.

Posted by: John Kranz on 27 Mar 03 10:54 AM

John Dowdell says:

Brent, Tony, I think you might be happier with a standalone application then, rather than the type of personalized application browser that Central is.

(John, I'm glad you're interested in, nice to "see" you around.)

Posted by: John Dowdell on 27 Mar 03 11:33 AM

Real estate web designer says:

Seems to be a logical extension

Posted by: Real estate web designer on 01 Apr 03 04:35 PM

Jeff Johnson says:

Very cool. We make ECD content for musicians.. using everything MX we can work out.
sound,video, info interaction, you name it.. along with a special connect to webcontent.
PHP/mySql, Squeeze-FLV.. etc.

Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Jeff Johnson on 17 Jun 03 06:20 AM

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