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March 27, 2003

View from the keynote

Central teamThis morning we presented a bunch of new things at Flashforward, including a first look at Central. The Central development team attended, and I took this somewhat blurry photo from the stage of the team and of some of the audience members. You can click on these to see larger versions.

It's odd taking a photo from the stage, and it's interesting how weblogs cause individuals to increasingly document their lives. I was noticing this at PC Forum as well, where everyone had digital cameras and was posting photos online about the conference. Dan Bricklin is one of the most avid I've seen in documenting his experiences with photos online.

It's always a blast to present at Flashforward -- Stewart McBride and Lynda Weinman have done great work hosting this conference from the early days of Flash. For more news of the conference, check out weblogs from Mike Chambers, John Dowdell, Robert Hall, Christian Cantrell, Greg Burch, and Sean Voisen.

Central team

27 Mar 03 12:56 PM


Robert M. Hall says:

Kevin thanks for continuing to share photos from your unqiue perspective. Getting to see into things like your meetings and the photos of teams nehind the products are very insightful. I too have found that running a blog and attending conferences inspired me to purchase a new digital camera, in fact it was for last years FlashForward2002 in New York, which I documented here:

I also wanted to make sure that if you did mean to direct folks to Robert Penners site - here is his correct URL:

I think you actually did mean to post a link to my site, and got our names confused. It's easy enough to do so with all the Robert's doing Flash stuff and presenting - Robert Penner, Robert Reinhardt, Robert Hall. :)

Now lets here more about "Royale"!

Posted by: Robert M. Hall on 27 Mar 03 02:53 PM

Kevin Lynch says:

oops -- I've updated the post, yes meant to point to your site!

Those are great photos from FFNY, thanks for pointing me to them. It was such a rare thing to get Doug Engelbart to appear, and there aren't many recordings of the event. This one captures it a bit:


Posted by: Kevin Lynch on 27 Mar 03 02:59 PM

Robert M. Hall says:

Thanks and your welcome. :)

Glad you enjoyed the photos. That keynote with Doug appearing via Flashcom and the video from '68 made for the most impressive presentation I have ever seen. Everyone I speak to about that conference always brings it up as one of the most memorable moments of the conference. That photo you picked when you are both laughing is indeed my favorite as well.

Posted by: Robert M. Hall on 28 Mar 03 08:10 AM

Sean Voisen says:

Hey Kevin - great keynote delivery. As always, it got the whole community all stirred up. I always wanted to know what it looked like from up on that stage ;-) I'm with Rob, I like the photos from your perspective.

Posted by: Sean Voisen on 28 Mar 03 11:36 AM

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