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April 13, 2003


O'Reilly'sI'm now in Toronto for the Flashinthecan conference, and will be speaking tomorrow morning. You can tell it's Canada since CBC is playing hockey news in the background behind Tom Green and Colin Moock.

I've been very occupied the past couple weeks trying to keep up on communication after the announcement of Central. We've had a few thousand requests for the beta SDK so far, though we'll need to start small with the beta to make sure we can support it well and then will grow it as we get experience. It's totally exciting that there is a lot of interest -- I hope we will see a lot of applications get created.

13 Apr 03 08:41 PM


michael heraghty says:

Great. Care to give us a snippet -- or more -- of your speech?

Posted by: michael heraghty on 22 Apr 03 10:13 AM

Kevin Lynch says:

Mike Chambers has a good overview at



Posted by: Kevin Lynch on 22 Apr 03 10:35 AM

Han Zhao says:


Posted by: Han Zhao on 25 Apr 03 07:48 AM

mia says:

oh my god, you work 4 macromedia? COOL!

Posted by: mia on 04 May 03 01:36 AM

John Kranz says: update from Kevin for a while. So long as he didn't come down with SARS while in Toronto!

Posted by: John Kranz on 06 May 03 06:14 PM

Rp says:

The lack of updates is odd. Maybe he is working on a new version of Director that will blow everyone away...or maybe an OSX version of FrameMaker..or maybe I'm just in a dream sequence.

Posted by: Rp on 08 May 03 09:16 PM

John Dowdell says:

I know Kevin's cranking pretty hard on getting the Central SDK developer beta ready to roll, and as part of that he's doing a lot of industry presentations as well these days... in a product development cycle there are usually periods of discretionary time, and then other periods when it's hard to find time to even sleep.... ;-)

Posted by: John Dowdell on 09 May 03 01:57 PM

Kevin Lynch says:

Hi- yes, JD has it right :) I avoided SARS successfully.. sorry for the lack of posts lately, I will write again shortly!



Posted by: Kevin Lynch on 09 May 03 02:08 PM

John Kranz says:

Kevin -- yeah, we all realize how busy you are as should be expected. I just thought the cut-off point with you going away to Toronto during the SARS scare would make for a good excuse to post something and have others chime in to wish you all the best.

Posted by: John Kranz on 11 May 03 10:57 AM

Tealgirl says:

Kevin -- I thought you would be posting something "shortly" on May 9. ;-)

Well, those are software development cycles for you; during crunch-time, it is much more common to drive home in the dark than the light, at least in my experience.

Anyhow, I find your blog one of the most interesting on the web because of your unique perspective of the web medium and your position as a frontrunner in driving that medium and pushing it past its perceived limitations -- from hand-held e-mail devices to round-trip html to flash applications offline.

I know you're a humble guy -- but I'm giving you some virtual applause and now a virtual standing ovation. Now, can you feed your eager fans with more insight?

Posted by: Tealgirl on 18 Jun 03 11:42 PM

Rp says:

Hmmm...June is almost over, has Kevin been stopped at the border for the past two months...the story will continue after this message from our sponsors....

Posted by: Rp on 20 Jun 03 05:25 PM

Daine Portman says:

I agree

Posted by: Daine Portman on 09 Jul 03 03:11 PM

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