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October 01, 2003

All Central all the time

Ok, I'm still immersed. Last week we released the Central Public Beta with a couple of early applications in sync with Intel's One Unwired Day. We're now polishing the Central SDK (software developer's kit) for its public beta release in the next couple of weeks so anyone with a copy of Flash MX or MX 2004 can make Central applications.

Recently Mike Chambers joined the Central team and this past weekend created a beta developer chat application (get it here) with Greg Burch. It's just a couple days old, so still a lot of features to work on. Since it's in Central, once you get a copy of it you can get automatic updates as the app evolves.

Also, for more info on Central's progress please check out Mike Chamber's recent update at the developer center.

01 Oct 03 07:24 AM


Book Review says:

Interesting. We've been working with some third-party developers to create dynamic catalog-style flash front-ends combined with Ecommerce-enabled Broadvision back-ends. It sounds like once we've ironed out the standardization and perhaps extract our "custom" back-end pieces out, we could package the results and offer it through Central for other sites using Broadvision to deploy as well.

Great idea, guys!

Posted by: Book Review on 01 Oct 03 10:26 AM

Viswanath Gondi says:

Why is a console present in central? My guess is that the console is there to present glancable information visualizations. It sits on the side and shows changes as new data comes in. Reading information from the console should be quick, with very little interaction. The user would want to keep...

Posted by: Viswanath Gondi on 01 Oct 03 08:32 PM

Dominick says:

85 days and counting. Then on the 86th day, Kevin said, let there be light. He awoke from what some might call the longest writers block ever. Anyway, I really appreciate the work you guys have done on central. Hmm, Ill take one fab app in exchange for 3 months of posts anyday!

Posted by: Dominick on 02 Oct 03 11:28 AM

Phillip says:

You know your blog isn't updated too often when my browser's "remember typed url" feature doesn't know what I'm about to type.

Posted by: Phillip on 03 Oct 03 10:19 AM

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