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February 06, 2003


As you may have heard, Jeremy Allaire will be shifting over to the VC world as an entreprenuer in residence. Jeremy has described some of the things we've accomplished over the past couple of years, and I'm looking forward to the waves he will certainly make in his next adventure. I first met Jeremy (and his brother JJ Allaire, who engineered the first version of ColdFusion, as well as Adam Berrey and others on their team) when I was working on Dreamweaver back in 1997 and we began bundling HomeSite. It's certainly been a wild adventure since those days, and there's way more to come.

For any conspiracy theorists (Marc! :), my blog appearance is completely unrelated—I just managed to get my act together enough this past weekend to get MovableType installed and design the site. There will likely be more blogs from folks at Macromedia as we're finding this is another great channel to stay in touch with what really matters to folks and get feedback on the work we do. I think it's becoming quite essential to be in tune with the blog community, not only as an observer but as a participant.

06 Feb 03 11:47 AM


Marc Canter says:

Yah - we all believe that!


Anyway - good luck on your 'little' project. May it embrace the spirit of media, communications and personal publishing.


Just don't let Dave Winer know you're NOT using Radio!

Posted by: Marc Canter on 06 Feb 03 07:34 PM

Dan Shafer says:

Hey, Kevin, I'll believe ya even if Mark won't!

Good to see you blogging. I'm putting you on my Blog roll even though you're new just because I'm sure you'll have good, thought-provoking things to say from time to time.

Posted by: Dan Shafer on 07 Feb 03 02:46 PM

buscadores says:

Good luck on you project !

Posted by: buscadores on 14 Mar 03 09:28 AM

Diseņo web says:

ColdFusion has been transformed the web, becomming a standards-based platform, developing powerful tools for XML and other Internet applications.

We all hope the same success for this project

Posted by: Diseņo web on 16 Mar 03 08:45 AM

zonaasia says:

Hi Kevin,

Good luck on your project!

Posted by: zonaasia on 20 Apr 03 10:53 AM

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