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February 24, 2003

NTT DoCoMo i-mode and Flash

sleeve phone
"NTT DoCoMo is pleased to be able to implement Macromedia Flash technology into the i-mode service," said Takeshi Natsuno, Managing Director of i-mode Planning Department at DoCoMo.

On the fourth anniversary of the i-mode service in Japan, NTT DoCoMo has announced they will support Flash. We have been working to get Flash on numerous devices, and I am particularly excited about this one, as the i-mode team has so successfully embraced content developers and created an ecosystem where applications can generate revenue through subscriptions rather than advertising.

DoCoMo has also created a vision video describing the year 2010, a world where network connected applications permeate devices all around us including shirt sleeves and pottery wheels. I'm always happy to see people approaching their goals from such a user-centered view, and we use similar story-telling techniques when brainstorming about our product agenda (though without the big-budget videos). Other notable story-telling visions include the famous Knowledge Navigator video by Apple, Bruce Tognazzini's StarFire video at Sun, or Microsoft's "Zoo Trippin'" video.

I can't wait to wear Flash on my sleeve.

24 Feb 03 11:17 PM


michael heraghty says:

Great start to your blog Kevin. It's really inspiring to see someone with importance in the web communmity not only keeping a blog, but keeping such a slick & entertaining one!

-- michael heraghty

Posted by: michael heraghty on 25 Feb 03 08:02 AM

Phillip Kerman says:

Those future visions videos are a kick. While they're all doomed to be proven wrong--they're also admirable and pretty creative (though, also terribly corny and heavily biased). Anyway, I found the DoCoMo one by far the best. (What's up with that name?--I can't think of anything more difficult to remember.)

Yes, it's totally exciting. Here's a prediction of the future: you won't be seeing Flash on your sleeve! Just try holding your arm out in position for a few minutes.

As a Flash developer the one thing I've been wondering: where are all the jobs to create this content? The numbers indicate big growth in non-desktop hardware... but, I rarely even hear about jobs to produce this stuff. Am I just hanging out with the wrong clients?

Posted by: Phillip Kerman on 28 Feb 03 09:58 PM

brandy says:

you make like this article, nothing to do with your post but I thought you might enjoy it.

Posted by: brandy on 03 Mar 03 01:44 PM

john says:

I'm still waiting for my Dick Tracy watch...until I get it I won't be impressed by Flash. ;)

Posted by: john on 06 May 03 09:25 PM

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