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March 08, 2003

Boston and New York

I've been traveling the past week for a lot of meetings in Boston and New York -- I was thinking I would make entries here during my trip, but there's just not enough time! Traveling for business today means that you basically live two lives at once: the one you're physically present at in meetings and the world back home where communication continues through the network as if you're still there.

Yesterday I met with Esther Dyson, who runs the PC Forum conference and writes a great newsletter called Release 1.0. It's a lot of fun to test ideas with Esther as she thinks so quickly, has wide experience, and knows so many other people that she can make interesting connections between things. I actually met her father, Freeman Dyson, last year -- I had set up an experimental videoblog kiosk using a beta version of Flash Com and he was one of the first curious passersby to record a message!

I hope to catch up on some weblog entries (and email!) this weekend now that I'm back in San Francisco.

08 Mar 03 03:29 PM


jessica says:

how long did it take you to drive from boston to new york?

Posted by: jessica on 07 Sep 03 01:10 PM

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