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December 03, 2004

New York

I spent this past weekend in New York, and happened to be there for the reopening of the MoMA -- I've posted some photos over at Flickr from the trip. Flickr has a number of great, small Flash applications to manage and display digital photos, including the ability to drag your photos into a collection and present them as an online slideshow.

Before I left I learned my flight was part of the new p.s. service on United between San Francisco and New York, which sounds good, but it appears that p.s. is currently pretty subtle as the change is largely the addition of a chocolate truffle at the end of the flight. Now, I am a fan of chocolate truffles, so that's all well and good, but was looking forward to the three-pronged power outlets, inflight DVD players and other innovations -- it seems the marketing materials are somewhat ahead of reality.

p.s., what I would *really* like is inflight wireless broadband

03 Dec 04 01:50 PM


Jody says:

the p.s. marketing materials are pretty nifty though (great Flash site)!

Posted by: Jody on 06 Dec 04 09:28 AM

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